Which Team Is Going For Kyler Murray In The Draft For The 2019 NFL?

Kyler Murray
Kyler Murray just declared that he will be available for the 2019 NFL draft and the top teams are already in a fierce competition to rope the dual sports player who is just phenomenal.

The betting website, BetOnline has put its bets on the odds where the player will finally find a place in the draft and Oakland Raiders are the leading team in the odds with 325 points. Jacksonville, Denver, and New York are the other teams where the player is strongly likely to find a spot. In the year 2018, Murray was chosen in the ninth selection by the team from Oakland and following that, he had the permission and got the chance to represent Oklahoma. The player who is aged 21; made the maximum of the chance he got by helping the team clinch the Heisman Trophy only in the second time of the season. In that season, he had also the second highest efficiency as a passer in the history of FBS.

Considering his success overall, he had also received a signing bonus of close to $5 million with the A’s but he had an attachment with football and for that, he took up the chance to be a professional quarterback. Even though there is not much shortage in the quarterback position for quality players, Murray is still tipped to be one of the first picks for the same.

Noticing that the Raiders are at the top position of the list is not much of a surprise factor. Murray could be one of the highest probably choices out there especially with the mark made by the coach, Jon who had signed a contract that will last for 10 years with the franchise. On the other hand, since Jacksonville has made it pretty clear with the media that Blake won’t be returning back to the club the following year, Murray could be an excellent choice as he offers a veteran type replacement for the franchise.

On the other hand, again, the head coach of Cardinals has mentioned specifically last year that he would pick up Murray in the starting round of the NFL player draft if he had the option to. This is going to be exciting to see because Arizona starts the first pick for the player draft.

But outside all of this debate about which team he would go and should go, there is a parallel prediction from the pundits of the game stating that his height could be an issue for the impact he makes on the game. Perhaps, this height could eliminate the hype that he is getting but nevertheless, he remains as an exciting prospect and it is to see with which team he would replicate all the success that he has got until now. The sports direction had also used the fraction method to determine the height of the quarterback player and it is to see how much of this makes an impact on his game.

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