What does Consensus mean in Football Betting?

What does consensus mean in football betting
Consensus picks in football betting refers to the percentage of the betting population on each side of a game. For instance, in college football, there are those rooting for the home team to win while others are betting on the away team to take the day. Each of these opposing sides claims a percentage of the total public waging on the outcome of the tie and that is what qualifies to be a consensus.

How helpful is a consensus in college football betting?

Well, there is the assumption that the majority is always right. It could be with the case with democracies, but it is seldom the same with betting. Betting has a way to be elusive even to the most seasoned wagers. Therefore, consensus picks are merely a representation of what numbers of those betting are on each side of the coin.

To someone new to college football betting, picking the majority side would be an easy decision. Of course, many people are putting their faith on that side, and you would be comfortable with the popular choice. Again, your chances will be cut down the middle, and that has nothing to do with whatever side has the biggest percentage of the general betting public.

How to make your better odds with the consensus picks

Are consensus picks helpful? Well, there is no right answer to that question. It is a yes for you if you have been winning by basing your bet on consensus. It is a no if you are always on the losing end after making your decision based on consensus picks.

However, that does not mean that consensus picks are entirely useless in football betting. It would be a generalization that is not here or there.

You can make these picks work out for you. How is that even possible? Here is how to go about it:

Do not be swayed by the majority: do not follow the direction everyone is taking for the sake of it. You need more than the majority vote to win your bet. Analyze each game before you place your bet. It does not matter that you are on the minority side as long as you took time to make your decision.

Know your game: the more you know a game, the better your chances of winning. Know the teams, their statistics, and the circumstances around each game.


Betting is in itself a game of probability. You win, lose or settle for a draw. As much as consensus picks would help point you into the direction where most of the betting public is putting their money, it boils down to a personal decision. Your chances of a win are always best at 50 halves. Knowing each of the sides of the game helps in making an informed decision. To improve your chances of being on the right side of the coin, you should do your homework on each of the teams in the duel. Statistics on the teams and players would come in handy when deciding where to place your money. Do not merely be swayed by public numbers. In fact, the majority of the public opinion is never right about a betting duel.

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