How to Watch College Football Live On KODI

How to Watch College Football Live On KODI
NCCA college football is one of the most watched, streamed and televised sport in America today. Statistics show that this figure can go as high as 5.1 million per game on the famous ESPN broadcast. Most notably, ESPN3 Kodi add-on which has been a game-changer that has contributed to the popularity of this sport.

Universities from every corner of United States take to the field, in a clench-fisting duel for supremacy and popularity. The type of passion and work rate exhibited is second to none, and Kodi gives you first-hand experience of all this. How? Below is a summary on how you too have exclusive access to Kodi 17.4 streaming service on any known device and in almost every file format;

Step by step guide on how to watch a live college football match on Kodi legally

An important thing to note that the process described only applies to people in the United States due to the difference in regional settings.

a) The first step is to ensure you have successfully downloaded the Kodi onto your device

b) The second step is to make sure you have a valid cable subscription to sign up into the ESPN3 add-on.

With those, you are up-to-scratch and ready to stream live through the following steps;

  1. Initiate Kodi.
  2. Directly select and click on add-ons.
  3. On the top left corner, you will find a package installer icon, click on it. There you will find a repository (“repos” if you like), designed to collect applicable add-ons together where they can be easily accessed.
  4. Install and repository icon will pop-up, click on it, then select Kodi add-on repository and finally video add-ons.

    However, it is important to note that a few more steps may be involved if you decide for a third party add-on. Here, you will need different Kodi settings that will allow you to download add-ons externally.

  5. Once you have the Video add-ons pop-up, scroll down till you find the ESPN3 or ESPN player
  6. Select the ESPN3 install option, then wait for the ESPN3 enabled add-on notification.
  7. The next step involves going the home screen, where you select the add-ons tab located on the left column. Video add-ons installed should appear here, ESPN3 included.
  8. Select ESPN3, and you will be required to validate through a cable provider the authenticity.
  9. The final piece of the puzzle involves you gaining access to premium content, more so, college football on Kodi. Welcome aboard!

The Best VPN for Kodi

When streaming live coverage, using VPN is the most legal and trusted way. Here we give you the best VPN for you Kodi users. This conclusion is based on;

  • Fast connection
  • Strong protection provisions
  • A wide range of proxy servers

The best fit for all these has to be the IPVanish.

Ideal because, it features 256-bit AES encryption, automated kill switch, a top DNS protection from leaks and a stern no-logging policy. IPVanish also boasts of a broad network of 850 proxy in an out-standing 60 countries. What more can we add? An ideal suite.

In case you are wondering what benefits come in using VPN with Kodi bring. Take a closer look;

a) Enables ISP Throttling

When browsing videos, VPN allows you access to full Internet speed. This is not the case in most when streaming videos. Internet speed usually drops due to ISP throttling. VPN takes care of that, allowing you to stream steadily.

b) By-pass restricted add-ons

Add-ons such as USTV usually are restricted to specific regions only. However, VPN will enable you to bypass such restrictions.

c) Concrete Privacy

Privacy is priceless to most when it comes to online activities.VPN gives you discretion as layers of protection are incorporated.

Kodi Review wrap-up

When it comes to the best live coverage, Kodi is in many ways exceptional. From the privacy to Internet speed not forgetting protection from other dangerous software out-there.It is therefore recommended to use trusted plug-ins like Kodi to watch live college football and other videos online.

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