College Football Betting Guide

College Football Betting

When it comes to college football betting, everyone has something to gain. Each Saturday is featured with various ways of betting and storylines ranging from tight defense games by SEC championship contenders to a high scoring match between unequal teams.

Odd Types And Betting Options Explained

The point spread is a famous betting option used in many sports. They are used to provide for the difference in the quality of two teams. Hardly are two teams perfectly matched since inequality can result from inconsistency between the programs or one team having the benefit of playing in a home-field. Different from NFL where even a highly uneven game usually end up in disagreements, college football entails games formulated with lots of consideration to overcome the uncertainty.

For instance, when Illinois Fighting Illini are playing with Ohio State Buckeyes in Ohio home ground, the Buckeyes have a high chance of winning. The factor that makes betting in such a game value is point spread. In this game, Ohio State Buckeyes would be the most preferred with points as low as -40.5, while the Illinois Fighting Illini would have as high as +40.5.

Speculators supporting Ohio State would place a bet favoring the Buckeyes to win with 41 points or higher, on the other hand, bettors on the side of Fighting Illini would bet on Illinois to maintain the game less than 41 points. Spreads play a crucial role in making each game in the program worth betting regardless of the unevenness encountered in the match.

However, not all games are lopsided. For instance, a match between great teams such as Auburn and Alabama is considered in the Iron Bowl figures. This is because the rivalry is great and any team could win. Even though these games also have spread points, bettors have the option of betting in terms of money line. With money line, you need to pick the team that is likely to win the match. The most favored team to win will certainly pay out little money than what you stake since they have a high chance of winning. The less favored team is likely to pay our more money than what you stake. In this instance, Alabama might be the most preferred with a -220 as compared with Auburn having +180.

Point totals are among the most popular bets in the college football. Sportsbooks come up with a certain number of total points to be scored in a game. The bettors then need to make a decision on whether to stake that the game will end with the total number of points scored less or more than that total.

College Football Betting Tips

With more than 120 schools playing in college football program, bettors have dozens of betting options to consider every week. Despite how hard it might seem in handicapping many games, Sportsbooks also have a hard time coming up with lines for each of the games. While bettors have an option of choosing which games to stake on, Sportsbooks have to offer lines for all the games played.

A profitable betting tip is giving many considerations to smaller conferences in the entire season. Matches involving ranked teams are characterized by many bets and linemakers handicap them more closely. But, a match between less ranked teams such as Tulsa and Memphis is more likely to be given a weak line that can be identified by a keen bettor.

Also, pick games which are played near where you stay to maximize the local media sources. Master the key players on either team alongside the team’s overall scheme on defense and offense. This will enable you to use such tendencies to make proper predictions of the outcome.

Additionally, try to find letdown spots. Most college football players aren’t professionals but just kids. This means that a previous disappointing loss or a game against a big rival could have negative effects on the next week and the performance is likely to be a week.

Picking The Right Sportsbook

College football games are offered by many betting sites, so regardless of which game you choose to bet on, there are plenty sportsbooks to choose from. But, it is important to use a sportsbook that has a suitable interface with price differences on money lines and spreads in mind.

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