Author: Adam Duval

Colleges That Have Produced the Most Super Bowl Players

Every year we see drafts to the NFL just after the college football season gets over. The talented players would find their place in any of the NFL teams and become the center of attraction across the country. Every year we see some surprises like some players who did well in college fail to perform in the bigger league, whereas few others who were underrated, outperform and help their team to reach the Super Bowl.

There are some college teams who give the best valuable players to NFL, and if we look at their performance, one thing is sure that they are consistent in providing high-quality players. Importantly, the teams are having more professionalism and more sports culture than its peers. Let’s look at some of the schools contributing the maximum number of Super Bowl stars every year.

1. Miami Hurricanes

This college has surpassed all its peers in terms of the number of players produced to Super Bowl. It has achieved 118 player appearances in Super Bowl history. Considering the fact that there are only 51 games to date, at least two players on average appeared in the game. Just remember some of the great names Michael Irvin, Ray Lewis, Ottis Anderson, Jim Kelly, Ed Reed, and all of them were from Hurricanes. It has also produced two Super Bowl MVPs as well.

2. USC Trojans

Trojans are not far behind and give the tight competition to Hurricanes with 116 player appearances in Super Bowl history. Lynn Swann, Marcus Allen, Malcolm Smith, and Troy Polamalu were once part of the team. When it comes to Super Bowl MVPs the team scores better than Hurricanes with three MVPs.

3. UCLA Bruins

Bruins are also giving a tight competition to its both Trojans and Hurricanes with 110 player appearances in Super Bowl. It has produced the players like Troy Aikman and Ken Norton to the game with Aikman winning the only Super Bowl MVP from the program. The Bruins are a team that got a major boost in numbers in the recent times. The last 3 season has produced eight players to Super Bowl, whereas Miami did only one. Does this mean that Bruins will surpass both the teams in the near future?

4. Michigan Wolverines

The program has produced as many as 106 Super Bowl appearances. Who forgets the College of Tom Brady, one of the greatest quarterback of all the time and three-time winner of Super Bowl MVP, was part of Wolverines during the college days. The team stands top on the most number of Super Bowl MVPs with four in the account.

5. Penn State Nittany Lions

Nittany Lions are channeled 104 Super Bowl player appearances until date. Franco Harris, Jack Ham are some of the prominent names who made an impact in the Super Bowls. It has won a Super Bowl MVP during the course. The recent years saw a stagnation in the number of players appearing in Super Bowl, as last three years saw only one player appearing in the game from Lions.


The grooming stage of each player mostly spends in college football, and hence the statistics have an importance that how each college are giving importance to football. It can be seen that the top teams are giving excellent training programs and support to the team members and that play a major part in their later career.

Which Colleges Produced the Most Players in Super Bowl 51?

Super Bowl 51 was quite a memorable event and will be for many years to come. Several colleges are responsible for producing the players that participated in this event.

Washington produced several players that were part of Super Bowl 51. The Atlanta Falcons made certain that Washington received proper representation in the game. Desmond Trufant is a recognized name that was responsible for many of the teams victories over the years. Trufant made his first trip to the Pro Bowl in 2015.

Joshua Perkins is another popular figure and will be forever associated with the Falcons. Perkins through his hard work and exceptional talents will always be remembered for helping to take his team to the championship game.

Georgia was another college that took their responsibility very seriously when it came to producing some of the best players for this year’s title game. The Patriots carefully selected Malcolm Mitchell in the fourth round for the 2016 draft. Mitchell ended up playing 14 very memorable games for the team that season. In addition, Mitchell was able to keep his record intact with a total of 32 catches by four touchdowns. It was felt that Mitchell would have a definite impact on Super Bowl 51.

Auburn has taken great credit for sending four of its best players to participate in the so called “big game”. Jonathan Jones and Brandon King are probably two of the best players that the team has had in a long time. Jones and Brandon certainly receive a great deal of recognition and for a very good reason. However, it is apparent that the two players still do not receive as much respect and recognition as some of the other former alumni players have received. Ryan White and Josh Harris are also excellent and well recognized players.

It could be said that the “Tigers” certainly did do their part as far as a major contribution to Super Bowl 51 is concerned. recruiting some of the teams best players is what it is really all about.

Rutgers is responsible for some well recognized and talented players being a part of Super Bowl 51. Devin Mc Courty is now considered one of the best players in his current playing position. Mohamed Sanu is a highly recognized wide receiver. Sanu signed a multi million contract with the Falcons that will most certainly earn him recognition as one of the top players and one of the highest paid players on the team. Sanu’s presence at the Super Bowl had a definite impact on the entire game for a variety of reasons.

Alabama left a definite impact too. However, it seems that wide receiver Julio Jones captured a great deal of well deserved attention. It would be fair to say that Alabama helped Julio Jones receive the attention that he seems to get every time to he makes an appearance. A player such as Jones receives even more recognition when he makes an appearance at an event as important as the Super Bowl.

Alabama is yet another college that produced some of its finest players to demonstrate their talent and skill in Super Bowl 51. The players certainly lived up to their expectations.

Most Disappointing College Football Teams in 2016

The year 2016 was not such a great year for some of the college football teams. Sometimes when college teams have a bad year it can effect the team players in a a very profound way.  Today we take a look at the teams that struggled to meet expectations.  That doesn’t mean Vegas doesn’t think they have a chance this year, in fact several are listed among the favorites according to  But first let’s see why last year was so bad.

The LSU Tigers seemed to have a good reputation and was a decent team. However in 2016 the Tigers had a terrible loss to Wisconsin to open the season. Les Miles was responsible for the loss and it seemed all downhill from there. The Tigers had such a bad year in 2016 it ended up costing the Mad Hatter his job. It can take a college football team a long time to recover after a continuous losing streak.

Charlie Strong coached for Texas in 2016. Strong was already criticized for his decline on the playing field. After winning one game over Notre Dame it was all down hill from there. In 2016 Texas lost to Oklahoma State and Cal. The final blow came when Texas lost to Kansas. It seems Texas faced much public humiliation throughout 2016. Weather or not the team can recover remains to be seen. Strong was so disappointed with the team he handed in his resignation after the 2016 season concluded.

Tennessee was once a respected team, however 2016 brought about much disappointment to the team. Josh Dobbs and Vice Young were once considered talented football players. However, some wonder where their talents disappeared to after a disastrous 2016 football season. Tennessee suffered losses to both Texas and Alabama which essentially placed their team at the bottom of the list.

Tennessee had one final loss to Vanderbilt which was a total disappointment. Tennessee had high expectations before the 2016 season began. However, all expectations were diminished with the continual losing streak Tennessee suffered throughout the 2016 season.

Cincinnati Bearcats skills on the playing field continued to decline in 2016. After a 7-6 season the previous year the team experienced nothing but losses and a great deal of bad press. Major losses to both South Florida and Houston pretty much confirmed that Cincinnati were not contenders in any way shape or form.

The Bearcats did beat East Carolina in 2016. However, following their victory over East Carolina the Bearcats faced total disaster. Thanks to Cincy, the Bearcats lost the last five games and the team took quite an emotional hit.

Many predictions were made for UCLA in 2016. The predictions were quite positive and many felt the team would achieve much success. The Bruins did have two successful wins in 2016. However, after their success the team continued to experience a losing streak. The team had a big loss to Stanford followed by six losses in a row which finished the season on a discouraging note. In conclusion, the Bruins did not win the Pac-12 South.

Losing the Pac-12 South was a severe blow to the entire team. Josh Rosen and Jim Mora took a great deal of criticism which did not help matters at all. It would be safe to say that the Bruins had one of their worst years in 2016. Jim Mora was considering leaving the team altogether.

Michigan State seemed to get off to a decent start in the beginning of the 2016 season. Sparty secured two consecutive wins early on. However, things quickly began to decline for Michigan. Michigan suffered a seven game in a row losing streak which included a loss to Maryland. Michigan was ranked number 12 at the beginning of the 2016 football season. It is possible the players became overconfident which may have contributed to their terrible season in 2016.

Finally, no college football team wins all of the time. However, for whatever reason some of the college football teams periodically experience disappointing seasons. No one can really predict the outcome of any game. Team players can take serious losses very personal which can further affect their sports ability in the future.

History of the Belk Bowl

Prior to 1996, Charlotte, N. Carolina did not have a facility large enough to contend for a college football bowl bid. That changed with the construction of Bank of America Stadium, home to the NFL’s Carolina Panthers. The prime mover in bowl bid contention has been the Charlotte Sports Foundation, which is a corporate entity in Charlotte, N. Carolina.

They began to host college bowl games in 2001-02 at Bank of America Stadium. From 2001 to 2005, the games were known as the Continental Tire Bowl; then, from 2006 through 2010, they were named the Meineke Car Care Bowl games. Since the 2011-2012 game, they have been sponsored by the Belk Department Store chain headquartered in Charlotte. This current arrangement between Belk and the Southeastern Conference is in effect to 2019.

First Game

The first Continental Tire Bowl game played at Bank of America Stadium featured University of Virginia vs. West Virginia. Attendance is estimated to have been over 73,000 fans. It was played on December 28, 2001. The University of Virginia did not score first, but did win the game 48-22. By halftime, it appeared University of Virginia was going to be a strong competitor as reflected in the 28-10 lead going into the third quarter.

The bowl games, since their beginning, feature teams from the Southeastern Conference, (SEC), and the Atlantic Coast Conference, (ACC). At present, there are 15 teams in the SEC, and 16 teams in the ACC. Three ACC teams are Boston College, University of Notre Dame and University of Louisville.

The first Belk Bowl game occurred in 2011 featuring the University of Louisville Cardinals vs. the North Carolina State Wolfpack. This was the second bowl bid for Louisville. Though the University of Louisville rallied in the second half from a 31-10 deficit, NC State held on to claim a 31-24 victory. The game was nationally televised by ESPN as have subsequent Belk Bowl games.

The 2015 Belk Bowl again featured the North Carolina State Wolfpack. Their opponent was the Mississippi State Bulldogs. Noted from the final score was 51-28, in favor of the Mississippi State Bulldogs. Of note, this was the first season in school history for the Bulldogs to attain nine wins.

Community support for the Belk Bowl has been consistent over the years. They host a pre-game party the day prior to the bowl game called Fan Central. Furthermore, on the day of the game, a public concert is held given by a major national performer. Ticket sales over the years have been consistently high, which indicates a strong sense of “us” figuring into shared pride in holding the Belk Bowl.

Belk Bowl Stars In The NFL

In the recent past, quarterbacks JacobyBriscott and Dak Prescott have entered the NFL and doing well. Prescott played for Mississippi State and is in his first year with the Dallas Cowboys. Briscott, who attended North Carolina State, is in his first year with the New England Patriots. Other current players include Teddy Bridgewater, Minnesota Vikings, and Mike Glennon, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, as well as Eric Ebron, Detroit Lions, and Devante Parker, Miami Dolphins.

Of note, two Hall of Fame representatives include Larry Fitzgerald, former Arizona Cardinal, and Heath Miller, former Pittsburgh Steeler. The Belk Bowl continues to fashion an important contribution to the American college football scene.