Colleges That Have Produced the Most Super Bowl Players

Every year we see drafts to the NFL just after the College Football season gets over. The talented players would find their place in any of the NFL teams and become the center of attraction across the country. Every year we see some surprises like some players who did well in College Football fail to perform in the bigger league, whereas few others who were underrated, outperform in the Super Bowl.


There are some college teams who give the best valuable players to NFL, and if we look at their performance, one thing is sure that they are consistent in providing high-quality players. Importantly, the teams are having more professionalism and more sports culture than its peers. Let’s look at some of the College Football teams contributing the maximum number of Super Bowl stars every year.


1. Miami Hurricanes


The college has surpassed all its peers in terms of the number of players produced to Super Bowl. It has achieved 118 player appearances in Super Bowl history. Considering the fact that there are 51 Super Bowls until date, at least two players in an average appeared in the games. Just remember some of the great names Michael Irvin, Ray Lewis, Ottis Anderson, Jim Kelly, Ed Reed, and all of them were from Hurricanes. It has also produced two Super Bowl MVPs as well.


2. USC Trojans


Trojans are not far behind and give the tight competition to Hurricanes with 116 player appearances in Super Bowl history. Lynn Swann, Marcus Allen, Malcolm Smith, and Troy Polamalu were once part of the team. When it comes to Super Bowl MVPs the team scores better than Hurricanes with three MVPs.


3. UCLA Bruins


Bruins are also giving a tight competition to its both Trojans and Hurricanes with 110 player appearances in Super Bowl. It has produced the players like Troy Aikman and Ken Norton to the game with Aikman winning the only Super Bowl MVP from the program. Bruins is the team that got a major boost in numbers in the recent times. The last 3 season has produced eight players to Super Bowl, whereas Miami did only one. Does this mean that Bruins will surpass both the teams in the near future?


4. Michigan Wolverines


The program has produced as many as 106 Super Bowl appearances. Who forgets the College of Tom Brady, one of the greatest quarterback of all the time and three-time winner of Super Bowl MVP, was part of Wolverines during the college days. The team stands top on the most number of Super Bowl MVPs with four in the account.


5. Penn State Nittany Lions


Nittany Lions are channeled 104 Super Bowl player appearances until date. Franco Harris, Jack Ham are some of the prominent names who made an impact in the Super Bowls. It has won a Super Bowl MVP during the course. The recent years saw a stagnation in the number of players appearing in Super Bowl, as last three years saw only one player appearing in the game from Lions.




The grooming stage of each player mostly spends in college football, and hence the statistics have an importance that how each college are giving importance to football. It can be seen that the top teams are giving excellent training programs and support to the team members and that play a major part in their later career.

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